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Covid-19 squatter camp residents living with snakes

Covid-19 squatter camp residents living with snakes

Covid-19 squatter camp residents say they are being terrorized by snakes!

Zukile Hoyana (39) from Cape Town told the publication that when he first heard people talking about the reptile infestation, he thought they were joking.

“I first heard about the problem on Facebook but people lie too much on social media,” said Zukile.

He said he was shocked when a neighbour recently asked him to kill a snake for her.

“It was my first time seeing one and since then a lot of people have been complaining about snakes,” he said.

Another resident said it wasn’t a problem everywhere in the area.

“I am not disputing that some people have seen snakes, but I’ve never seen one.

I think they’re lying,” said the resident.

She said some people had built their shacks on wetland next to a canal and they were the ones who were affected.

Yoliswa Mntuyedwa (29) said there were too many snakes in the area.

“I don’t understand why people are fighting about this. I saw people saying on Facebook that there are no snakes here, but they’re wrong. We kill the snakes every day.”

She told the SunTeam she would leave the area if there was somewhere else to go.

“There was an incident where a resident came home to find eggs in her bed.

Some said they were snake eggs and advised her to destroy them because the snake would come back and kill her,” she said.

Another resident said people from other areas were laughing at them.

“We’re the laughing stock of Cape Town, especially on social media,” said the resident.

Luyolo Mlunguza (40) said they couldn’t complain because they knew there were snakes in the area before building their shacks there. “We will never win the battle,” he said.

-daily sun

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