Connie Ferguson’s daughter Lesedi Matsunyane shows off her Major Weight Loss

Actress Lesedi Matsunyane Shows Off Her Major Weight Loss! If you’ve been following Connie Ferguson’s gym sessions on her social media then you know her daughter Lesedi is part of her gym squad too.

Lesedi Matsunyane

The actress recently took to social media sharing her journey and how much weight she’s lost in the past few months. Lesedi shared how her mom, Connie has helped her by keeping her accountable. She maintains she doesn’t keep track of how much she has lost as numbers are not important to her. “I greet you in the name of I CAN FIT INTO JEANS I HAVEN’T WORN IN TWO YEARS,” an excited Lesedi shared.

Lesedi Matsunyane

“Almost 6 months in and honestly, it hasn’t gotten any easier. There are days I still cry during workouts. There are days I still miss classes because of excuses. Those haven’t changed. The fight hasn’t stopped and because of that… Neither can I…. and the Queen Mother herself. @connie_ferguson you keep me accountable and that helps me continue to be consistent. Still got work to do but wow… I’m a lot further than how I began,” she added.

In other news – Julius Malema says there is no stopping Burna Boy from performing in SA

It is no secret that EFF leader Julius Malema enjoys some controversy, especially on Twitter. However, this time it seems he may have poked the beast out of hibernation with his latest tweets about Nigerian artist Burna Boy.

Julius Malema

On Thursday, Malema pledged his support for the Nigerian artist who is set to perform at the Africa Unite concert on November 24. This after the artist was criticised for his inclusion in an anti-xenophobic concert, and South African artists insisted he must apologise for his previous comments about SA that allegedly incited hatred. Read more

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