Connie Ferguson pulls a Ramaphosa shut up stunt #TheQueenMzansi

Although The Queen episode was filmed way before Ramaphosa took to the podium to deliver a smackdown on the Democratic Alliance’s John Steenhuisen, viewers obvs saw the similarities.

We all know that Connie Ferguson’s character, Harriet, is the queen, but she was straight up presidential on Wednesday when she told her sister-in-law, Bongi,  to shut up.

Connie Ferguson

Remember how Ramaphosa told Steenhuisen to “shut up” and listen instead of interrupting him? Well, just as we were recovering from the president’s remarks, Connie came onto our screens and gave us a repeat of the trick.

Bongi had been getting on everyone’s nerves on the show and even left fans wondering when she was going to use that bus ticket she bought two weeks ago. But it seemed no one was as frustrated as Harriet, who delivered a Ramaphosa sermon on respect to Bongi.

The internet was shooketh!







Fans were quick to point out that Harriet has been telling people to shut up way before the president.


So maybe the president has actually been watching The Queen for inspiration.

Source: Times Live

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