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Prayers for Zoleka Mandela as she reveals pregnancy complications

Zoleka Mandela

As she prepares to become a mother for the fifth time, Zoleka Mandela has opened up about some of the difficult circumstances that have plagued her pregnancy.
According to the author and mother, Baby Bashala as he/she has been named, is nothing short of a miracle baby. Zoleka Mandela’s health battles have not been easy to witness (let alone to endure!) and she has been blessed with a healthy pregnancy journey regardless.

However, a number of complications have threatened to impact the health of her soon-to-be newborn, including her medical history. Mama Zo is a two-time cancer survivor, which is incredible in itself but, according to most sources, the easiest way for most women to fall pregnant after a cancer battle is through IVF.

Zoleka Mandela

On top of this, Zoleka was also diagnosed with a gynecological condition the day that she found out she was pregnant. All these factors could have combined to hamper her pregnancy but despite them, her baby has survived. Here’s what Mama Zo had to say:

“We’ve had quite an emotional rollercoaster of a journey since the conception of Baby Bashala – from finding out we were pregnant on the same day my vaginal ultrasound revealed that I may have adenomyosis, which is a gynecological medical condition that can only be cured through a hysterectomy to the emotional distress brought on by non-invasive prenatal testing to rule out Down Syndrome and to being diagnosed with depression and anxiety.


She also touched on the miracle that was her baby’s conception without the use of IVF:

“I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle for close to a year until it came unexpectedly, I fell pregnant immediately after and will be birthing my 5th child in a few weeks, without the use of IVF. Baby Bashala is such a reminder that I am truly blessed and favoured, my little miracle in my womb is a gift from God.”

We can’t wait to meet Baby Bashala in just a matter of weeks. According to her latest Instagram post, Zoleka has just visited the OBGYN for her final pre-natal scan before her baby is due.

Good luck and good health to both mom and baby during the final few weeks of pregnancy

Source: IOL


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