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Coding Mentor required urgently: APPLY HERE


Coding Mentor required urgently: APPLY HERE

Cape Town, Western Cape

HyperionDev is recognized as one of the top education technology startups in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). HyperionDev provides coding boot camps, online and through our physical campuses, supporting learners from over 40 countries worldwide, and helping people switch into fulfilling, highly-paid, and flexible careers as Software Engineers, Web Developers, and Data Scientists.

In 2016 we won first prize in Facebook’s Innovation Challenge, gaining financial backing from both Facebook and Google. We were originally launched from the University of Cambridge by Computer Science graduates and our senior leadership comprises of world-leading talent out of places such as Google, Amazon, Groupon, and 2U.

About the role

As a HyperionDev Mentor, you must be passionate not just about coding or technology, but also about education and introducing new learners to the power (and potential) of programming. You must feel strongly about improving the quality of coding education, and be highly motivated to see your students succeed. You must have a proven track record in helping students learn how to code, be it as a peer mentor, school teacher, university lecturer, or online tutor.

Coding is one of the hardest skills to master and you will be building the first affordable online coding bootcamp experience to equalise the tech skills gap in both the developed and the developing world.

For this role, you need to have strong technical knowledge of at least two of Software Engineering (Python, Java), Web Development (HTML, JavaScript, MERN), and Data Science (Python, Machine Learning). Apart from technical skills, you need to have patience, empathy, commitment to your learners’ progress, a positive attitude, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

You will fill out one of the key roles in our organisation, leading the delivery of online coding education as part of HyperionDev’s online coding bootcamps delivered to thousands of students from around the world each year. You will be unlocking tremendous opportunities for your learners and creating a transformative impact in their lives.

You will further progress along a well-defined career path as a coding educator, upskilling your technical and educational skills through our internal training opportunities.

Our team consists of former Google and Amazon employees, former executive team members of some of South African’s top startups, and those who have previously built and gone on to sell large businesses. We are looking for team members who are competitive, ambitious, and have a track record of over-achieving and exceeding targets.

Join us at a time when we are reinventing online education.


In this role, you will be providing code review and coding education to thousands of students from around the world. You will support our learners by helping solve their queries, guiding them on their course content and coding projects, and giving quality feedback on students’ code on a daily basis.

As a HyperionDev Coding Mentor, a typical day would include some or all of the following:

Reviewing code submitted by students and providing them comprehensive feedback in line with our world-class code review process;
Having 1:1 calls with your students to help them through tricky problems and keep them motivated;
Training on advanced level curriculum and new technology stacks introduced in each of our bootcamps
Providing rapid and high quality mentorship support to students via live chat, email, online tutorial sessions, and online 1:1 support calls;
Overseeing the progress, performance, and journey of your students on a monthly basis through one of our online coding bootcamp tracks (Web Development, Data Science, or Software Engineering);
Preparing and delivering regular online tutorials sessions to cement specific topics identified as challenging by students and other mentors;
Identifying and implementing new strategies for improving student completion rates and retention;
Reviewing and updating course content and teaching methods;
Assisting the Head of Education in new strategies for improving the pedagogical processes of our online coding bootcamps to improve student completion rates and retention;
Assisting the Placements team in ensuring course content and teaching methods remain highly aligned to the needs of our hiring partners to ensure high student job placement rates;
Managing the HyperionDev Students community;
Monitoring and encouraging activity on the Forum and Discord channel;
Adding relevant task material and resources to the Student Guidance Board and keeping it up to date inline with new shipped content at all time; and
Trading notes (and memes) on all things tech in our Discord group.


Essential requirements:

Degree/Diploma/Bootcamp, or relevant experience, in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, or a related field (informally acquired skills welcome too!)
6 months to 1+ years of programming experience or teaching experience in a core programming language such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, or C++
Teaching or tutoring experience
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Fast learner with a willingness to learn new stacks and technologies
Meticulous attention to detail.
Patience and empathy for your learners
A problem-solving and positive attitude
Ability to craft and maintain student spreadsheets and collate student data
Start-up mentality and the desire to see your students succeed
An interest in the future of education and online learning
Strong leadership and teamwork skills

Preferred requirements:

2+ years of programming experience or teaching experience in a core programming language such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, or C++
Experience designing and developing interactive learning experiences
Experience working with online students or delivering remote support
Active involvement in local and international tech communities

Mastery in one or more of Python, Java, JavaScript (MERN stack), Data Science, Machine Learning, iOS/Android development. Apply Now

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