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It was not drinking and driving; close friend responsible for Sbahle Mpisane’s deadly car accident

South African fitness bunny Sbahle Mpisane finally laid bare the details of a tragic 2018 car accident, saying a friend was responsible for the crash that happened at the time when she had no medical aid cover.

Sbahle spoke candidly in an uploaded video, the first, on YouTube on Thursday. She said after three years of trauma, pain, and agony, she had finally built up the courage to speak and that she was grateful no one was killed.

“My friends and I went out and we were all driving back home. The accident didn’t happen because I was drinking and driving, there was a situation and unfortunately, the cameras were not working. Something happened and I have come face to face with the situation, but I am grateful to be alive,” she shared.

Sbahle said a friend was responsible for the accident, but she would not reveal the person’s name, adding that the person did come forward to admit that they were the cause and apologized. She said she has forgiven the person.

A month before I was involved in the car accident, I cancelled my medical aid because I thought I was a fitness bunny and never ever got sick. When they took me to the hospital, my mom had to fork out thousands of rands after learning that I had no medical aid.”

The fitness bunny also shared that she would always be grateful for her mother Shauwn Mkhize who pulled through in every way possible. Even though her parents were already going through a divorce, Shauwn left everything she was doing and rushed to the hospital.

My mother knows what breaks me and hurts me, so she knew that if I were to wake up with one leg, that would crush me, so she told the doctors to do miracles as long as I would still have my leg,” said Sbahle.

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