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Clicks store in Witbank ‘petrol bombed’ – Pictures

Clicks Witbank petrol bombed

Following the Clicks ‘racist’ ad which has caused outcries across South Africa, one of the country’s opposition parties Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has expressed their anger and has taken to the ground to protest against such acts. This is after they slapped the Clicks Group with a list of demands they wanted to be met…or else.

Clicks Witbank petrol bombed

Among the demands, Clicks must immediately terminate the contracted company which commissioned the advert.

Clicks Witbank petrol bombed

These are the EFF’s demands:

  • We demand that Clicks Publicly list the names of all the Clicks directors and employees who were involved in the commissioning of the said advert.
  • That all people who were involved in the commissioning of the advert in question, whether they be employees of Clicks or independent contractors be dismissed with immediate effect.
  • Publicly list the name of service providers or contractors who commissioned the advert in question. Publicly list the names of all directors of the company that commissioned the advert.
  • That the contracted company which commissioned the advert must have its contract terminated with immediate effect.
  • We demand that the above must be executed within the next 24 hours and confirmation be put in writing.

“Should you not meet our demands above, we will close all Clicks stores in South Africa without any further notice. We urge you to take this letter seriously, as it is our last and final communication with your organization until our demands are met,” said the party.

Clicks Witbank petrol bombed

Therefore as they vowed, the EFF members have gone to different Clicks stores across the country, and apparently, the store in Witbank has been petrol bombed.

Clicks Witbank petrol bombed

Clicks Witbank petrol bombed

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