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Cleaner required immediately: APPLY HERE

Cleaner required immediately: APPLY HERE

Full Job Description

The purpose of the role is to maintain vacant flats after Handyman has completed the work.

Ensure general cleaning of the whole property.

1. Ensure timesheets are completed accurately on a daily basis and handed to Supervisor/Building Manager for processing.
2. Ensure required deadlines are met.
3. Clean units as per standards.
4. Cleaning of the building and immediate surroundings.
5. Cleaning of communal ablutions& communal kitchens.

Working conditions:

Site based.

Qualifications & Experience:

1. 2 – 3 years’ experience in Cleaning is required.

Skills & Knowledge Required:

1. Literacy required

Personal Attributes:

1. Impulse control – resist or delay impulse to act.
2. Flexibility – adapting emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
3. Interpersonal relationships – building mutually satisfying relationships.
4. Assertiveness – communicating feelings and beliefs; being non-offensive.
5. Social confidence – be self-assured and at ease with people in all types of social situations.
6. Multitasking – dealing with several activities at a time, enjoy being given new tasks before they have finished another.
7. Teamwork – cooperation with others, good-natured attitude and encouraging people.
8. Persistence – sticking with tasks, not giving up, dislike leaving things unfinished.
9. Rule following – adhere to rules and strictly follow work regulations.
10. Attention to detail – focus on details, strive for perfection and be well organized. Apply Now