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Bontle Modiselle chooses to be happy

Contrary to belief, Bontle Modiselle’s happiness has nothing to do with the amount of stress she faces in life.

Unlike the rest of us stress pots, Bontle just chooses to put a smile in the middle of a storm.

“I’m often asked why I seem consistently and genuinely happy, insinuating that I may have it easy. Where do I get all this energy? What are my secrets? I’d be lying if I told you there was a single solution or prerequisite to a standard formula.”

Bontle said she made a decision every single day to put her happiness first despite the situations she’s faced with.

Bontle Modiselle

“I’ve been regarded a fool countless times for being this way. The misunderstanding is that I am this way for everyone else. When, in fact, this is where my sanity is birthed. No pretense. No act. Just me, as I am. No doubt, I’m grateful to those who appreciate and celebrate me. As well I’m grateful to those who live to find the faults in me.”

Bontle added that she would never be sucked into the ugliness of the world and she hopes that young girls would adopt this approach.

“The world may be ugly at times, but I can’t afford to become it. Ever. This is what I hope every young girl and every grown woman realizes in themselves and becomes it.”


Source: Timeslive

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