Man begs for mercy after being caught red-handed raping goat

A mam who was allegedly caught red-handed poking a goat has asked for forgiveness.

The 24-year-old from Buyisonto Village appeared before the induna’s council in Saselani Village outside Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, yesterday.

He didn’t deny raping the goat and asked for forgiveness.

“I want the owner to forgive me for what I did to his goat. My parents have already paid damages, so I will not commit a similar offence again,” he said.

Goat owner Pastor James Mzimba (48) said his goats died mysteriously last year.

“I was worried. When I asked God to show me the thugs, I heard my goats cry in the middle of the night. I rushed to the kraal and caught the accused redhanded, but he fled, leaving his T-shirt behind.

“He soon came back and I caught him. He asked for forgiveness.

So far, I lost almost 10 goats,” said James.

Village induna Noel Sithole said the matter was serious and he was glad the complainant wanted it to be addressed in a traditional way.

“We strongly condemn the accused’s actions,” said Sithole.

-Daily Sun

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