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Cassper Nyovest worried about Slik Talk

Cassper Nyovest is really preparing for his boxing match with NaakMusiQ and at the same time has expressed his concern about Slik Talk.

The YouTuber has gone MIA after his physical fight with the rapper and many are wondering where he could be now.

Who would have thought the timeline would miss Slik Talk this much? The man has acquired a fan base so strong, that they want him to return just so he can bash people like Cassper Nyovest and so forth.

It’s the second time now were people are calling for Slik Talk to at least share a ‘proof of life’ picture, or video clip, something.

Even Sol Phenduka asked if Slik Talk is okay because the man has not said anything ever since the year began.

Cassper also has expressed his concern stating he is also starting to get worried about Slik Talk and that he will probably give him a call just to check up on him.

“Lenna I’m getting worried now. I need to call and check him,” said Cassper.

See tweet below:

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Drama as a female teacher appears on a zoom meeting having intercourse. A female teacher from Birmingham City School is seen laying on her chest during a meeting in a video shared online. She doesn’t appear to be aware that her camera is turned on. She soon starts rocking, as if she’s being pushed from behind. The top half of a man’s body is then shown n@ked for a brief moment before the woman’s body movement resumes, this time more vigorously. During this time, the woman’s face also loses focus, indicating that she is no longer focused on the meeting. “Oh my God, he’s beating her guts out,” voices are heard saying as the woman’s body continues rocking...WATCH HERE