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Bully school girl almost commits suicide

Bully school girl pulls and tears another girl's panty during fight

The high school pupil who was captured on the video kicking and tearing her school mate’s panty is in a critical condition at the hospital after poisoning herself.

Her 38-year-old mum told Daily Sun today that her daughter was rushed to the hospital after drinking dip tank poison.

She said her 16-year-old daughter is in a critical but stable condition.

The daughter told her mum she drank the stuff to kill herself on Monday afternoon after reading negative comments about her action on social network where people criticized her.

Her family found her lying down complaining of unbearable stomach pains.

They found the dip tank poison container next to her and immediately rushed her to the hospital where doctors confirmed that she drank poison.

In the video the grade 11 pupil is seen pulling and tearing her school mate’s panty in front of other pupils including boys.

She is also seen kicking her in the face and heard asking why she went there and what she was doing there.

The incident was strongly condemned by education MEC Kwazi Mshengu who ordered the school to immediately suspend her and all other pupils who are seen in the video.

The MEC said those who watched the incident will also face disciplinary action.

-Daily Sun

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