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Boooty Queen Rocks Eyadini Lounge

Cindy Makhathini

Boooty Queen Rocks Eyadini Lounge. It’s never a dull moment at Eyadini Lounge it seems, there is always that surprising twist to the night or that lady who is shaking it to the music that everyone cheers.

Then there is those that are dressed to impress and in this case Miss Boooty Queen who is there to still the crown of being the hottest or best dressed in all of Eyadini Lounge. However way you look at it, Eyadini Lounge always Rocks.

Boooty Queen
#FishFestival #UmgxabhisoFestival #PotjieFestival #iyadiLizokumangaza #iyadiLabantu #ExperienceEyadini

It was a Fish Festival and she was dressed for the occasion and everything else is on point. If it was up to me I would give her 9/10 for dressing for the occasion, you might actually think you are looking at Zodwa Wabantu.

Cindy Makhathini
@cindy_makhathini in the house… POTJIE, FISH & UMGXABHISO FESTIVAL

Moving on, we were wondering who this curvy Mamma is but we didn’t need to wonder much, her Instagram name is African Queen, hence the headline Boooty Queen… But her name is Cindy Makhathini and she is fly or rather fabulous and she totally invaded Eyadini Lounge.

Cindy Makhathini was looking fab in every angle and it really doesn’t matter if you are using the latest iPhone to snap the moment, Boooty Queen was rocking Eyadini Lounge.

Cindy Makhathini at Eyadini Lounge
@cindy_makhathini in the house. POTJIE, FISH & UMGXABHISO FESTIVAL

I wonder what you think of those shoes, had they been heels I am sure you would have said they look like the shoes Cinderella wore in those stories year ago, but they still look equally good.

It was a moment to remember is this beautiful Queen rocked Eyadini, so we thought why not share one more picture but this time from her Instagram, we were very much impressed, she really is a Boooty Queen, Watch Out Faith Nketsi, I thought!

Cindy Makhathini

See more pictures on Eyadini Instagram Page of how the Fish Festival went.

It’s never a dull moment at Eyadini Lounge!