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Boooty at the Beach with Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly

Boooty at the Beach with Moonchild Sanelly. The beautiful singer is not afraid to show a bit of skin and this time she was showing off at the beach… thus Boooty at the Beach!

The beautiful white sands at the Cape Town beach are nothing less than amazing and I can just add this venue to my to travel list. Moonchild Sanelly was at the beautiful Cape Town beach and she shared this picture and video and we thought why not re-share this nice picture and video.

Moonchild Sanelly
CPT right now💙

If you think the picture is amazing, wait till you watch the video, it will blow your mind away. But before we share this video how about a few more pictures of the beautiful Moonchild Sanelly

Moonchild Sanelly
Took a random day off the jhb buzz with a young short left My girls @just_nontobeko @mantismamabolo @tabisa11 and @djslimblvd 💙❤️💙 Outdoor shower like heyyyyyyyy

I especially love the bathroom selfie in Paris that Moonchild Sanelly shared… She said: “Hotel room selfies in Paris 💙”

Moonchild Sanelly

Watch the video below…

What do you think of Boooty at the Beach with Moonchild Sanelly? What words come to mind after watching the Boooty at the Beach video and the picture above? Tell us in comments!