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The wife actor Bonko Khoza speaks on how he met the love of his life

THE Wife actor Bonko Khoza and his wife Lesego’s cute love story has made people love them even more.

The actors, who have been married for almost a year, shared their love story on YouTube show Defining Love.

The couple, that’s currently one of people’s favourite couples on social media, told their story and said they met in university nine years ago and have been together since.

Bonko, who is popularly known as Mqhele on Showmax’s hit series The Wife, said he was doing his second year and Lesego was doing her first year in 2012.

The couple said it was love at first sight for both of them.

“She’s probably the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. We’d bump into each other during class or during school and then it started becoming an after-school thing. We would hang out after school for a long time,” said Bonko.

“It was like an instant thing, like I knew that this person is someone that will be in my life forever… I walked her one day to the taxi rank and I said ‘tomorrow I want to be your boyfriend’,” he said.

Lesego said they started dating on 13 March, the same day they got married in 2021.

“And then we started dating, it was so cute. It was on the 13th of March, the day we got married… It was so exciting, it was definitely like a teenage love affair although we were like 21 at the time,” she said.

People who watched the episode said they love the newlyweds’ relationship.

Sego Soft wrote: “They’re high up in their own spaces individually but are deeply rooted in each other and please, the way Bonko looks at Lesego just makes my heart smile.”

“It’s the fact that they put Christ first in their marriage that just makes me love them and with how they treat each other, my word. They have such a beautiful connection that I pray they grow old together! Thank you for sharing your love with us,” wrote Tando Mashiyi.

Thandiwe commented: “I pray that these two just keep making each other this happy for the next coming decades and more. Thank you, Defining, for this. Let’s keep spreading love.”

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