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Bonang Matheba Celebrates 100K Views In A Day

Bonang Matheba excited her fans and followers earlier this week on Monday, 22 May 2023 when she finally dropped the second and much-anticipated episode of her YouTube-based “reality show” B*Dazzled 2.0.

Arguably, it seemed that Bonang Matheba noticed the urgency of sharing the vlog in light of the continued backlash and thought pieces on her guest appearance on Netflix’s Young, Famous & African. This is because since Matheba has affirmed that she is not intending to return, it seems best to make the general public also move on.

Bonang Matheba

Given that her newly established YouTube channel currently sits with just over 50.4k subscribers. The numbers it has managed to achieve in over 36 hours are surprising.

Bonang celebrates 100k views in a day. Seeing as it has been over 36 hours since Matheba posted the second episode of B*Dazzled 2.0. It came as a surprise when it had already achieved over 119k views in that time.


This comes as her first episode currently sits with over 410k views in the four months that the vlog has been available. As such, Matheba took to social media to celebrate the victory.

Moreover, she addressed the matter of her vlogs seemingly not going anywhere near the 20-minute mark. This is standard vlogs, more especially from popular vloggers, at least average 30 minutes. Moreover, in most of these instances, it does not take five months to create said 13 – 16 minute vlogs, as it did Matheba.

As reported at the time: Bonang Matheba’s B*Dazzled episode two too short

In January 2023, the first episode of B*Dazzled 2.0 was published. Given the platform, it was believed that Matheba would at least release an episode weekly or monthly given her priorities.

Bonang Matheba

However, nothing could have prepared viewers for the five-month wait between episode one and episode two. This is as Matheba finally sat down and uploaded the episode on Monday, 22 May 2023.

Given the arrival of the episode, there was excitement. More so when viewing the episode as it finally shared a glimpse into her February 2023 travels to the US, her confirming her win over her former management company CSA about the ownership of House of BNG, and her teasing about her new relationship.

Bonang Matheba

But the sixteen-minute episode was regarded as too short. This is because Matheba had already suggested that the new episode would feature her time on YFM, which it did not. Moreover, given that it was only 16 minutes worth of an episode, it does not make sense why it took four months.


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