Twitter is worried that Bobby is overtaking Boity Thulo’s throne #BOITYBET

There’s no denying that Bobby brings bucket loads of drama to Boity Thulo’s reality show, Boity: Own Your Throne, but fans are worried that Bobby plans to “dethrone” Boity. Boity’s show was on the Twitter trends list again last night as viewers flooded the platform with comments about how it seems to revolve around Bobby and his drama.

Boity Thulo

They were left perplexed when the cameras left Boity behind to follow Bobby and that half the episode basically belonged to Bobby. It didn’t help that viewers of the show have a love-hate relationship with the dramatic assistant.

Boity Thulo

As if that was not enough, uBobby naye went on to call Boity’s PA a rat, which viewers found totally uncalled for and they threatened to completely cancel both him and the show. It was as if Modiehi – Boity’s mom – read viewers’ minds, because she also spoke out about being fed up with Bobby’s “questionable” behaviour and suggested that perhaps Boity needs to re-evaluate his position in her life. Here are some of the meme reactions to the show.

In other news – Pabee Moganedi has finally broken her silence on her romance with SK Khoza

Actress Pabee Moganedi has finally broken her silence on her romance with fellow actor SK Khoza! The love birds caused a stir when their relationship became public. Many people assumed that she was a homewrecker as SK was still married at the time. The actress said she suffered public criticism. She also spoke about how she got blacklisted.


I’m normally a strong girl who can give two flying kites about people’s opinions but I feel that this was an obstacle for me, because it now started to affect my bread and by that I mean I was now getting blacklisted in my workspace for something I felt was unrelated to the way I do my job,” she said. Read more

Source: Timeslive

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