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Boity Thulo enjoying Island life

Boity Thulo enjoying Island life calls herself Island girl, Paradise Queen. Now we can officially say Boity has done it all. The star has finally launched her #IMPULSExBoity and she did it in spectacular style. The event is one to remember for many reasons. The first being that this is the first time Boity showed off her new boyfriend and we all could tell how happy she is about her new relationship.

The actress/TV presenter/Gig host and of late a rapper Boity Thulo is not stopping. She is going for higher things and she is determined to achieve it. Things have been flowing smoothly for her and her debut single featuring Nasty C WuzDat is making waves right now.

From music, she jumps straight into fragrance. TV personality Boity Thulo has announced that she has partnered with a fragrance brand. Boity’s three limited-edition Impulse fragrances will hit shelves this September.

She’s not only scored a cover on Cosmopolitan magazine’s September Issue but she’s now also partnered up for a new fragrance dropping in September. This year has been amazing to Boity. The media personality recently announced the great news about her partnership with Impulse to create her own limited edition fragrance which is coming out in September.

One can only need res after having worked hard like this in only just one year, truly you will be exhausted and need some time to refresh, rest and rebuild all that strength that was lost. This is what the WuzDat hitmaker did, she is enjoying herself on a mini vacation where she is having the time of her life. The pictures she is posting on her Instagram shows that she is having a nice and deservingly break time. Check the pictures below…

Boity Thulo

Your girlfriend’s body goals😍

Boity Thulo

S U N K I S S E D… ☀️💋 👙: @madamtouchswimwear #Paradise

Boity Thulo

P A R A D I S E…living like a true Princess.

Boity Thulo

#WuzDat 🧥: @odi_extra x @factorie #OwnYourThrone👑


Boity Thulo

This facial expression is priceless…When you see a happy soul

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