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Jessica Nkosi Hurt By Body Shamers

Jessica Nkosi might not have the perfect body but she has made it very clear that she does not want to be reminded of that. Trolls attack the actress every chance they get but The Queen actress uses the block button very often.

Jessica Nkosi

The thespian has documented her weight loss journey on her social media very candidly over the years, especially after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Nami Dlamini.

Jessica Nkosi

Her latest post was of her getting ready to hit the gym but mentioned that she was actually comfortable in her bed. Even though there were a lot of people applauding her banging body and beauty, of course, there were trolls on standby waiting to rain on her parade.

Jessica Nkosi

Clapping back the actress wrote on her IG stories, “The vile, mean, horrible things people say though. I’m very happy about the block button. Kodwa nje (But) it really does hurt. Like why would you attack me about my body?

I know my body, trust me I look at it every day, and I live in it. Manje wena (Now you) you feel a need to point stuff out as if I do not know. SMH (shaking my head). Just live your life. I actually really do not want to hear your negativity here,” she clapped back.

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