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Here is the Reason why Bobo Andile Mchunu was assaulted to death – #RIPBobo

Bobo Andile Mchunu

Bobo Mchunu was brutally murdered after being accused of stealing beer at his uncle’s tavern. The 16-year-old Andile Mchunu went missing for a week and a video of him being beaten surfaced on social media leading to the trend #JusticeForBobo being started. Justice For Bobo has now reached the attention of authorities who are looking into the matter.

In the video, a man is seen walking in the corridor stained with blood. He heads to another room where there is a boy lying on the floor. The man asks Bobo to wake up and clean the room. The visibly weak Bobo fails to wake up the man steps on him forcing him down.

His body was found dumped in the Newton River in Tongaat in KwaZulu Natal (KZN). The suspects threw his body into the river to conceal evidence. But the evidence has since surfaced through the videos

Bobo Video:

Bobo is reported to be a cheerful kid who grew up in

Another Bobo version

Another version of the stories is Andile Mchunu (Bobo) was beaten by a group of men for allegedly stealing alcohol and money. His sister came to fetch him after it was reported that he was being beaten but she was told to go fetch him some clothes and when she came back from fetching the clothes she was told that Andile has escaped. Andile was later found dumped in a river.

Bobo murder suspects arrested
The murder suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder and they are currently in custody. Citizen reports suggest among the suspects is his uncle who runs Magagula Lounge, a beer bar in the community.

Here is another Bobo video during his happy times

Bobo Video:

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