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DJ Black Coffee’s alleged Baby-mama speaks out – We did a Threesome most of the time

Black Coffee 

It never rains but pours for DJ and music producer, Black Coffee. For the better half of the year 2019, the renowned DJ and his family have been marred with controversy. In the new turn of events, more shocking and disturbing allegations have been lelleved against the DJ.

Earlier this month, ZAlebs reported on a story about Black Coffee’s alleged mistress and baby mama, Mimi Buthelezi.

This young lady, in particular, has now come forward to reveal more personal and shocking details regarding her experiences with the DJ Black Coffee, who she affectionately refer to as Nathi.

DJ Black Coffee

News365 credits ZAlebs and popular YouTube channel, Ndivhu T for this super hot tea!

Below are the top 5 revelations made by Mimi Buthelezi on Ndivhu T.

According to Ndivhu’s opening commentary, she mentioned that it was Mimi that approach her via email – not vice versa.

1. In the video call interview between Ndivhu and the alleged Mimi Buthelezi, she reveals that her encounters with Nathi (Black Coffee) were purely of a s.e.xual nature – which subsequently resulted in a pregnancy.

2. Other bombshells that Mimi dropped include the s.e.xual chronicles that went down in their private setting.

DJ Black Coffee


Threesomes were allegedly a very big part of their s.e.xual escapades. A certain light-skinned lady was dubbed as being Black Coffee’s favourite.

When Ndivhu inquired about whether Enhle Mbali knew of her and her three-year-old daughter or not, she answered “no” to the latter, but yes to having met Enhle at one point. Mimi explained that Enhle was under the impression that she was just friends with her hubby, Black Coffee.

Towards the end of the interview, Mimi shared that the Your Eyes hit-maker deposited a staggering sum of a million rand into her bank account, to shut her up.

DJ Tira

5. Another DJ’s name popped up in the conversation – DJ Tira. Mimi was explaining the context of Tira showing up in her DM’s when he was advising her to “Leave Nathi”.

Apparently, Tira knew all about Mimi’s set up with Black Coffee.

NB: DJ Black Coffee has not confirmed the claims as true. Hopefully, he’ll come forward say something.

Watch more of the interview here:

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Source: Zalebs