Student gives BL0WJ0B in class

The basic education ministry has strongly condemned the video and asked members of the public to come forward to help identify the school at which it was taken. A video of a bl0w j0b being given in a classroom has left Mzansi horrified!

The 34-second video shows a girl bending over beside a table and giving a bl0w job to a boy while fellow pupils record them.

Basic education spokesman Elijah Mhlanga said they were working hard to locate the school. “All we have is a video of school kids giving bl0w jobs in class. It may be in Gauteng, Limpopo, KZN or anywhere else,” he said.


“We cannot tolerate such acts in schools and we condemn this. “We ask parents to play a role in instilling discipline in these kids. “Parents cannot always wait for the department to come up with solutions.

“Kids do things they have seen being done before,” Mhlanga said there were consequences when kids were found misbehaving at school. “We will take disciplinary measures when the kids are found.”

When asked about cellphones being at school, Mhlanga said rules around the use of cell phones were made by SGBs. “Cellphones capture crucial evidence, which means parents can’t deny the facts,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun

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