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South Africa ranked number 1 for women with the biggest B00TY in the world

South Africa’s top athletes have brought home the Rugby World Cup and a mixed martial arts trophy in the past year. South Africa’s booties are cracking that champions’ list, topping the list of the world’s biggest derrières.

Perhaps it’s our love for BBLs or gym-grown booties made by the likes of the King of Squats himself, Nkululeko Dlamini, but the team at market researcher Gitnux, found that South Africans won by the widest margin at 105.9cm. While stars such as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and even Doja Cat have been famed for their sets, the Americans barely scraped into the top five spot at 102cm on average. Perhaps Kim Kardashian could have waited before her recent deflation.

Resego Tshabadira (Segos Pumpkin)

Making it into the top three were Argentina and Sweden at 104.14cm and 103.86cm respectively. The biggest disappointment however was Brazil, which barely made it into the list of 15 countries.

While the fashion of posterior size is constantly waxing and waning, the greatest determinant is found in one’s genes. In a recent post on his website, plastic surgeon Dr William Bruno says it all relates to one’s genetic makeup.

Beverly Tlhako

“The truth is that a large part of the way your natural bottom looks is due to your genetic makeup. In fact, genetics is the No 1 component that dictates the size and shape of your derrière. Additionally, what ethnicity you are plays a role in the biological makeup of your body, and that includes the shape of your butt.”

Certain naturally occurring conditions such as steatopygia (excessive fat of the buttocks) have been found to occur in more races than others. Look no further than Sarah Baartman who carried the kind of backside her white contemporaries achieved with cinched waists that emphasised their bustled skirts to show off their wealth.

Beverly Tlhako

“You have to remember that, at the time, it was highly fashionable and desirable for women to have large bottoms, so lots of people envied what she had naturally, without having to accentuate her figure,” said author of The Hottentot Venus: The Life and Death of Saartjie Baartman Rachel Holmes.

While their fascination may have been fashion it also came with a pained history for women like Baartman.

No wonder a chief from the Khoisan group was quoted saying Beyoncé, who it was rumoured would pen and play the part of the South African icon, lacked “the basic human dignity” to not only write but play the part.

Resego Tshabadira (Segos Pumpkin)

As one of our most protected exports, South Africa’s booties have long been the paragon of posteriors. Look no further than the dating app Grindr finding showing we head the list of top bottoms too.

Here’s a list of the top 15 countries that Gitnux rated as having the biggest backsides:

  • South Africa: 47.13 inches (105.9cm)
  • Argentina: 41″ (104.14cm)
  • Sweden 40.9″ (103.86cm)
  • Greece 40.74″
  • Germany 40.6″
  • USA: 40.2″
  • Russia: 40.55″
  • Italy: 40.55″
  • Australia: 40.5″
  • Netherlands: 40.25″
  • France: 40.25″
  • Canada: 40.3″
  • Nigeria: 38.65″
  • South Korea: 38″
  • Japan: 37.8″

While the researchers at Gitnux did not provide clarity on why they ranked these countries in such a manner, they used existing studies on obesity, plastic surgery and bone structure of the inhabitants.


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