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If you need to renew your vehicle licence, you better do it soon – RTMC

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DOZENS of motorists joined long queues at post offices and licensing offices across the province yesterday to purchase vehicle licences and avoid paying penalties.

The final expiry date for licences that expired during the Covid-19 lockdown in March, April and May was yesterday.

Addressing news reports that there was a further extension, Road Traffic Management Corporation spokesperson Simon Zwane said yesterday there was no extension, but the 21-day grace period would now apply and end on September 22.

“When your licence disk expires, you get a 21-day grace period and it now kicks in. This means that after September 22, there would be penalties imposed for late renewal,” said Zwane.

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He said the 21-day grace period would only apply to licences that expired during the lockdown and those that ordinarily expired yesterday.

“It does not apply to those whose licences expired before the lockdown,” he said.

Kwanele Ncalane, spokesperson for the Department of Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, said that those licences which had expired before the lockdown period would definitely face penalties.

He urged motorists in the province to make their way to their nearest centres. Our offices are open and most of the vehicle registrations opened yesterday,” he added.

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