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Drama as beautiful tokoloshe leaves man broke after grabbing all of his money for satisfying him

He believes a tokoloshe was sent to make him suffer. It pokes and robs him!

“After paying my debts I usually withdraw money to buy groceries and other things,” said the 47-year-old from Meadowlands, Soweto.

“But that money disappears without me buying anything. After two days I’m at the mashonisa to borrow money.

“I think the creature sleeps with me. I dream I’m in bed with the most gorgeous lady, but wake up alone.”

He wakes up soaking wet and had no choice, but to talk to a sangoma.

He told Daily Sun: “It’s too strong. It refuses to go away.”

The man agrees with a sangoma who once told him a woman he dated in the past sent it to him.

He knows the tokoloshe handler’s identity.

“We dated for five years and were planning to get married, but I found out she cheated on me and broke up with her. So she sent a tokoloshe who’s a thief!”

The man said he wanted his life back.

“I want to spoil myself and enjoy my money. I’ve been single for a year and can’t even get another woman. I can’t afford it.”

His mashonisa, Mama Joy Ximba, said: “He pays and borrows every month. He needs help so that he stops making debt.”

His ex-girlfriend said she was hurt, but denied sending a tokoloshe to poke him and steal from him.

She said: “What would I gain from his suffering?”

She said he should work on fixing his life.

His friend Lunga Ndaba (44) said: “My friend is troubled. He has the same crisis every month. I wish he can just get help.”

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye said it’s true that a tokoloshe can steal money.

“You don’t know how you wasted your money. One minute you have it, the next it’s gone,” he said.

-Daily Sun

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