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Fans worried about Somizi’s daughter Bahumi’s health – She has become too Skinny (Picture)

Is everything okay? Bahumi Mhlongos new slim figure has the masses quite concerned about her health.

Bahumi’s famous father, Somizi Mhlongo innocuously posted a picture of his daughter and friend on Instagram. Bahumi’s dress revealed her arms and they immediately became a talking point.

Somizi’s followers soon flooded him with insensitive questions. Some worried that Bahumi looked “too skinny and skeletal”.

Being a great father that he is, Somizi hit back at the rude and disrespectful fans by stating that he loves Bahumi no matter what she looked like.


Instagram user by the handle. @ra_chelle7219 was one of many that inquired about Bahumi’s gaunt figure:

Ra_Chelle7219: ”Ooohhhh my GOD WAT HAPPENED TO YOR DAUGHTER 😭😭she z so 😭skinny 😭😭😭.”

_I amRee: ”Is Bahumi okay though?”

Somizi’s clap-back was savage: ”I am not gonna allow you to body shame my daughter. She is perfect the way she is. Stay the fuck away with yo(ur) concerns and focus on yo(ur) scale and stuff yourself to death. I repeat, stay the f’*** away!”

Source: Zalebs

In other news – Sandton Video Star Zahed Sibda to SUE whoever first shared the video on Twitter

Sandton Video Star Zahed Sibda to sue whoever first shared the video on Twitter. #Sandton has been trending on twitter for the past 48hours and this is because of the video that has made rounds of two individuals who were having heated !ntercourse in the office.

Sandton sex video culprits

Twitter Detectives can never rest until it links faces to a story hence Zahed Sibda the Managing director of The Fieldstone Private Capital Group Southern Africa was identified as the man in the video.

Zahed Sibda has denied that it was him in that video and says that the first person to post that video on Twitter will be sued because these false allegations have really disturbed his children, family, employees and friends. Continue Reading


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