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Babes Wodumo’s shocking tweets about Foreigners – they must go

Chaos and looting have rocked Gauteng since Sunday evening and a lot of Mzansi Celebs have come out and condemned the violent attacks but not Babes Wodumo.

Babes Wodumo came out guns blazing on Twitter saying foreigners must go back home. She targeted Zimbabweans and Nigerians and had lots to say. She directed this to Zimbabweans –  “Khona manje Zimbabweans are owning RDP houses .. Houses that were strictly built for South Africans .. why mara heee??!! Bahola I grant!! With our tax money!! Abahambe!!”

Babes Wodumo Tweet on Foreigners

Babes Wodumo also had a message for the Nigerians – “Africa is one Yama Simba Nigerians must go !!! Kumanje women are forced into prost!tution kwi instagram!! Buka nje o faith nketsi.. they are involved in human trafficking nalezinja!!! They must go manje!”

Babes Wodumo Tweet on Foreigners

Babes Wodumo even claims that South Africa would be much better without Nigerians. To use her words, Everything would be smooth without Nigerians in SA.

Babes Wodumo Tweet on Foreigners

Nigerian Celebs have taken this personal and Burna Boy even responded to Babes Wodumo and had this to say – “I have not set foot in SA since 2017. And I will NOT EVER go to South Africa again for any reason until the SOUTH AFRICAN government wakes the f#ck up and really performs A miracle because I don’t know how they can even possibly fix this.”

Violent looting
Burning and Looting across South Africa

We know from the past that Babes Wodumo and her bae Mampintsha go to extreme measures for publicity. Might this be a publicity stunt or she just don’t care about other people? We assumed that since she has also been a victim of abuse she would understand how it feels to be abused but these tweets really prove what we already know, Babes Wodumo simply doesn’t care!

We understand that it might be wrong for a Zimbabwean to own an RDP house but when is it right for people to attack others and loot their businesses. We wonder if our Mzansi Celebs even think about the implications of their tweets.

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In Other News – SA pays the price of Xenophobic Attacks as Shoprite is burnt in Nigeria

SA pays the price of Xenophobic Attacks as Shoprite is burnt in Nigeria and that is not just it. It seems the rest of Africa is taking a stand against the attacks on Foreign Nationals.

Zambia cancelled the friendly match against Bafana Bafana as a stand against the attacks on foreigners. But Nigerians have taken it a step further and gone as far as looting Shoprite shops in the country.

One video shows Shoprite in Nigeria being looted. Security Guards are standing by watching as Nigerians take their revenge on South African businesses. watch videos

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