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Model Ayanda Thabethe in hot soup over looting tweet

Talk about bad timing, Ayanda Thabethe is being blasted for saying she is grateful she has escaped the madness happening in South Africa. Taking to Twitter the actress posted as if she was bragging that she has managed to go to their holiday home and escape what is happening in Mzansi.

Grateful to be in the privileged opportunity to escape the madness to our holiday home … Figuring out how to get food to my family is what’s weighing heavily on my heart. I’m going to need to do this till things are okay and who knows how long that will take …,” Ayanda posted

When every celebrity and particularly every person in South Africa is praying and hoping the nation is restored to its normal way, Ayanda goes offside and says something like that. What did she expect from suffering people at home? The reactions on Twitter show that people are not happy with her timing to say this. Her fans are disappointed and have something to say to her.

“Lwa disappoint bo Ayanda.”

“bathong Ayanda”

“Waze wangiphoxa weh Ayanda ubaba wakho azikhanda kahle kanje imoto”

“To our holiday home” Ja neh!! Some me people brag differently.”

“Really Ayanda, really?”

“So…They are basically saying that maybe next month you could, maybe, check if this tweet would be up for consideration. Not that it would be ok to tweet it, but.”

“That first part was not necessary. Yes we know you worked hard for it and so on… kodwa nje nawe hayi suka”

“Some things are better off not said aus ayanda, bona nou you’ve just confirmed gore sense is not so common.”


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