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Arrest warrant issued for Grace Mugabe: AfriForum

Grace Mugabe

AfriForum announced on Wednesday that an arrest warrant has been issued for former Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe over her alleged assault of Gabriella Engels in Johannesburg last year.

AfriForum represents Engels, a South African model, in the high-profile case.
Mugabe allegedly assaulted Engels at a hotel in August last year, but she has claimed that she acted in self-defence.

On social media, Engels posted pictures of a gash on her forehead, allegedly sustained when Mugabe hit her with an electric extension cord

Grace Mugabe
The attack allegedly took place at Sandton’s The Capital 20 West hotel.
In July, the high court in Joburg declared the government’s decision to grant Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity with regards to this case as unconstitutional and set it aside.


The matter was then referred back to the NPA.

Source: IOL

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