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Armed robbers attack Porsche at shopping mall entrance: Video

In the CCTV footage, a light grey Volkswagen Polo pulls up behind the Porsche as it stops in front of the boom at one of Hyde Park Corner’s parking entrances. Two armed men alighted from the vehicle and rush the Porsche, trying to open the locked doors.

A group of armed men were caught on camera attempting to rob a black Porsche at the entrance to a shopping mall in Johannesburg.


The Porsche motorist quickly drives up the ramp into the parking lot, with the armed men running behind him. The getaway vehicle lingers at the boom for a short while then reverse out of the entrances. Eventually the vehicle can be seen slowly driving away.

About a minute later, the armed men run down the ramp in search of their missing getaway vehicle.

Hyde Park Corner’s marketing manager Ayanda Mauka said no one was injured during the attempted robbery. “The robbers fled the scene. The video footage has been given to the police‚” Mauka said.

“Our customer, who noticed something was wrong, reacted quickly and drove through the parking and parked on the third parking level and went into the mall. The suspects did not fire any shots nor were any valuables taken,” the centre posted on the Craigpark Resident Association’s Facebook group.

Watch Video Here:

Source: Times Live

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