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Aren’t traditional weddings just beautiful #OurPerfectWedding


You know your family got your back when your sister arranges for you to meet the love of your life.

Yep, Dumisani’s sister is THAT sister, LOL! She made it possible for Dumisani to meet a very good friend of hers, Mbali. This was way back in 2006. Dumisani had been scrolling through his sister’s phone, when he came across Mbali’s picture. He instantly liked her.

His sister came up with a cunning plan to get the two to meet and when they did, it was all up to Dumisani to convince Mbali to date him. Let’s just say, he did all the right things, for instance, sending her sweet text messages.


It was only the following year that they started dating. Dumisani mentions the fact the Mbali is humble and respectful, and that’s what he loves about her.

Like any other couple, the distance between the two had a bit of an effect on them. Luckily, he moved to her town. Also, Dumisani was childhood friends with Mbali’s uncle, making it a little awkward. But the families have sorted it out, and tonight they invite you to witness their perfect wedding.










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