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Another Hillbrow cash-in-transit: Pic & Video

GS4 truck

A cash-in-transit heist took place in Hillbrow this afternoon. So far, reports on exactly what happened have been conflicting.

Another heist hit Hillbrow on Thursday, with conflicting accounts so far on the possible fatalities and injuries that resulted from the robbery.


Some on Twitter have reported a fatality, with one user saying it was a “random police officer” and another saying it was a Fidelity guard. These reports have not been confirmed.

Emer-G-Med paramedics have confirmed the TimesLIVE report that a bystander and a security guard, said to be in a critical condition, were injured.


Other reports said three people, not two, got injured. The identity of the third person is not yet known.

It is also not yet known if any money was taken. The targeted vehicle is believed to be a Fidelity truck.


Police said they would release a statement on the incident later this afternoon. We will continue to keep readers updated on new developments as they arise.


Video below:

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Source: Times Live