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Another Bonang spelling error


Another Bonang spelling error. Bonang Matheba launched and celebrated her new MMC bubbly, House of BNG and not everyone will be happy.

If there is one thing we can all learn from Bonang is that you can use your setback for a greater comeback. A Twitter user pointed out a mistake on the bubbly bottle that read ‘elegent’ and called her out but B was unphased.

Bonang Error

“The bottle with the error was part of a smaller batch, a consignment of about 100 bottles, that were pushed out after a large amount of demand for the product. It has been rectified and all stores should have the correct spelling,” Bonang’s manager Davin Phillips told TimesLive.


“There is an incredible demand for the product that has seen us dip into the reserve consignments. Many stores are getting stock in the morning and selling out by the end of the day. We have also secured a partnership with the Taboo group to provide the product in their venues.” he added.

Bonang laughed it all of by telling her followers that she is now looking to release a white wine range called “elegent”.


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Source: Daily Sun

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