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#statecaptureinquiry: Angelo Agrizzi is attempting to destroy my character – Nomvula Mokonyane

Nomvula Mokonyane

Former environmental affairs minister Nomvula Mokonyane went on the defensive during her appearance at the Zondo commission accusing former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi of attempting to assassinate the “little” that is left of her character.

Mokonyane appeared at the inquiry on Monday. She has been accused by Agrizzi of being a benefactor in Bosasa’s campaign to bribe politicians and government officials for influence in the awarding of tenders.

Agrizzi, who appeared at the inquiry last year, said Mokonyane had benefited from security upgrades worth R40,000 to her Krugersdorp home. He also told the commission that Mokonayne received monthly payments from Bosasa. Agrizzi said he was present when former Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson visited Mokonyane’s home and handed her a bag filled with cash.

Mokonyane also allegedly received food parcels and donations from Bosasa for the burial of her son.

Angelo Agrizzi

Mokonyane told Deputy Cheif Justice Raymond Zondo that all these accusations were false. She took offence to Agrizzi stating that Bosasa helped bury her son. She said that was defamatory.

“I find the admissions to be defamatory, they smack of hatred and an act of excessive desperation and an attempt of destroying the little that is left of my character. I take serious objections in him saying they paid the burial costs for my son. He has other alternative motives which I do not know of. To claim that Bosasa buried my son is a serious offence,” Mokonyane said.

Mokonyane said Agrizzi’s assertions that she influenced former president Jacob Zuma showed a lack of understanding of ANC internal processes.

On donations made by Bosasa in support of the ANC, Mokonyane said the company was not the only one that supported the party and even the taxi industry had once helped the organisation during elective conferences.

She admitted that Bosasa had done extensive work in communities for issues related to drug abuse and she said her son also benefited from such outreach.

On the security upgrades, Mokonayane said she and her family have always been victims of criminal attacks since the 1980s. She detailed various crime incidents that affected her family.

She said even now she was unable to invest in education for her grandchild because she has to spend money on security and protecting her home.

Mokonyane repeatedly stated that Agrizzi’s evidence as part of an aim to destroy her character. She said Agrizzi was a confessed racist and she concluded that he also hated women as he continuously targetted her and former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni. Mokonyane also implied that Agrizzi had “handlers”.

“He claims to have been there when I was given cash, I am contesting that. I find Agrizzi’s testimony undermining and sexist,” Mokonyane said.

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