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Anele Mdoda sends a strong warning to her fans

Anele Mdoda advises people to keep their money from Forex and Bitcoin. Taking to Twitter, the radio personality warned people and urged them to inform their elderly parents who might get scammed through these platforms. However, her message exempts those who don’t mind losing some money.

Anele Mdoda

Keep your money away from forex and Bitcoin people guys. Unless you want to give your money away for good. Tell your elderly parents as well.

Anele Mdoda

Their pension payouts are targets. Also, monitor how much money your mothers are giving at church. We have a new wave of scammy preachers,” she wrote.  Anele’s followers included church and pastors who scam members.

“Bitcoin- I’m not sure. Church- there are pastors scamming people, NOT all of them. Trading- trading itself is not a scam, just don’t follow everyone who says I’m a mentor and pay me so much, do fall into people who say let me trade on your behalf. But trading itself isn’t a scam,” a comment reads.

Source: Fakazanews

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AKA grave

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