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Twitter roasts Anele Mdoda over her looks

One thing about tweeps is that they will never forgive Anele Mdoda for dragging American superstar Kelly Rowland. Yesterday the TV and Radio personality took to Twitter to share her cute snap.

In the caption, Anele said the way she is so beautiful, it’s like she sells Ponds.

Andimhle ngathi ndi thengisa iPONDS !!!!! Morning let’s go” she wrote.

Tweeps were very quick to remind her that she is only beautiful because of makeup.

This stems from a comment that Anele previously made about Kelly Rowland when she was responding to Sizwe Dlomo’s tweet. Sizwe had tweeted that Kelly Rowland is lowkey the best-looking member of Destiny’s child.

” Kelly looks amazing with make-up. Take that make-up off then it’s tickets. I have receipts,” responded Anele.

Anele caught a lot of stray bullets from tweeps following her response. She, however, tried to calm the storm by explaining that she did not say Kelly is ugly, she said she only meant that she is not the prettiest in Destiny’s Child.

“Then you didn’t get what the fight with him was about. He said I don’t deserve to judge Miss SA because I don’t look a certain way. Let’s come to today. I didn’t say Kelly is not pretty, I said she is not the prettiest in DC in reply to a tweet. Read to understand not to slay mama.”

Almost a year later, It is clear that tweeps have not yet buried the hatchet as they keep bringing up the tweet every chance they get, here are some reactions to Anele’s picture.

Last month Anele was dragged on Twitter after she attempted to open a discussion about confidence.

“Only big girls are lauded for being confident. I want to know why you expect us to NOT be confident. You wake up come here and project your low esteem of self on us. Rather keep quiet. The sun will rise and surely set,” she tweeted.

Tweeps again reminded her about the Kelly Rowland’s comment that she made, In her defense, Anele said she is allowed to think that Kelly is not Pretty as Beyonce.

“U are allowed to not think I am as pretty as Minnie or whoever. Much like I do not think Kelly is as pretty as Beyonce but what I am saying here is stop calling big girls confident unless you can explain why they should not be. Well done, Anele replied to you. Go forth & conquer,” wrote Anele.


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