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Andile Ncube defends Ayanda Thabethe’s sister

Andile Ncube defends Ayanda Thabethe’s sister. Never one to yearn for attention or even troll people on social media, Andile is just one of the few media personalities who really stay in their lane when it comes to these social media streets.

Most of Andile Ncube’s social media posts are filled with positive and uplifting messages. Sometimes they’re just notes to himself that happen to resonate with people that follow him.

Andile Ncube

However, a few days ago, Andile just couldn’t handle the disrespect and negativity that some people spread on Twitter.

The TV personality did not take lightly to a now deleted post that had a picture of Lungile Thabethe, sister to media personality, Ayanda Thabethe.

Ayanda's sister Tweet

In a heated response to the tweet, the TV sports presenter expressed how disgusted he was at the tweet and the many negative comments that came with the above post.

Andile Tweet

So, who is Lungile? Besides the fact that she is related to Ayanda…

Lungile is a well known, self-taught makeup artist who has a great social media following thanks to her YouTube channel, which is aimed at educating everyday women about makeup and skincare routines.

Lungile Thabethe

So, the next time you try to ridicule other people on social media, just make sure you do a bit of research on what they’re about. Who knows, you might just like and respect what they’re about.

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