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JR drops a bombshell on Amapiano – Is filled with recycled lyrics

JR has a hand in some of the biggest hits that have come out of Mzansi, so when he took to the Twitter pulpit this week to preach a note on Amapiano, everyone was listening. ‘Yano has swept Mzansi like a flood, but as the genre becomes bigger the lyrics have got more and more attention.

JR took to Twitter this week to weigh in on your favourite genre, claiming that there is only “a handful of songwriters” in the genre.


He said the rest was recycled lyrics.

The sad thing about Amapiano is that there’s a handful of songwriters. Everyone else is just (recycling emoji). [I] was speaking to some artists last week who said ‘This is Piano haona di rules’.”

He said that someone needed to start writing.

He also defended his credentials, bringing slips on why he is qualified to comment on the year’s biggest genre.

In other news – Blesser Roland Muchengwa speaks out on being Abusive to women

Uncle Roland denies being abusive to women. Businessman Roland Muchegwa, famously or infamously known as Uncle Roland has rubbished rumours that he is abusive. Uncle Roland dismissed widespread falsehoods that he is wanted in Zimbabwe for battering his ex-wife, Mitchell Kawome.

Roland Muchegwa

He said he was self-exiled in South Africa and all was well with his ex-wife. “About my ex, I can’t deny that there were some squabbles, but we sorted it out and forgave each other, we moved on. It’s now more than four years since that incident happened. continue reading

Source: TshisaLive

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