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Twitter makes fun of Amanda Black’s new house

Amanda Black

With everything going on in the world right now, it’s easy to get despondent but one celebrity decided to make sure they used April 1st to make people laugh.

Award-winning musician Amanda Black took to Twitter to announce that she had bought a “new house” on Wednesday.

Amanda Black

However, the same house in question has been posted before by others who have also claimed it as their own house. Posting pictures of the two-story house, Amanda simply attached the #GirlswithHomes hashtag to the post. Which then sparked a riot on Twitter

Amanda Black

However, tweeps were quick to point out that they have seen the house before and asked who the real owner was.

In other news – Somizi to launch cooking and motivational speaking YouTube channels

Somizi will be opening two YouTube channels – one will focus on cooking while the other one will focus on motivational talks. Accompanying the announcement was a video from Somgaga giving a brief description of his channel which is in the works.


There’s going to be so much fun throughout the entire journey of me in the kitchen, there are going to be loads of prizes and completions”, said the personality on his forthcoming show called Cooking with Somizi. – Read more

Source: IOL