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Amanda Black releases new hot single, Egoli

Amanda Black

Local songstress Amanda Black has taken the local music industry by storm and this week, the star has premiered her highly-anticipated new single ‘Egoli’. The song serves as the second single off of her upcoming sophomore album ‘Power’ which is set for release on the 25th of October.

‘Egoli’ sees Amanda using her radiantly expressive voice to paint a picture of the age-old rite of passage many South Africans have undergone of moving away from their place of birth to pursue their dreams in Johannesburg – the City of Gold. Amada is known for telling authentic coming-of-age African stories through her songs, and on ‘Egoli’, Amanda narrates her story with captivating lyrics and melodies.

Amanda Black

Having grown up in the Eastern Cape singing in church, Amanda never imagined it would all be plain sailing after she boarded a Greyhound bus to chase her dream in Johannesburg. “The music industry is not what it looks like from the outside, becoming a singer is not what you imagine. It’s a lot harder and a lot deeper,” she says. “There was a part of me that thought maybe music should just be a hobby – that I should just return to that happy place where I play my music and sing, for myself, my family and my community and it feels good.”

Like ‘Egoli’, Amanda has some incredibly powerful new music coming through. When it came to giving her second album a title, Amanda didn’t hesitate. She’d written a song that captured her decision to reclaim her own power as a performer, songwriter, artist and member of South Africa’s creative economy. Amanda instinctively knew this was the song that would provide the perfect umbrella for the album’s lyrical themes; that this piece of music would potently convey the underpinning message of her new work. The song was simply titled ‘Power’.

Amanda Black

‘Egoli’ is now available to download or stream on your favourite digital music platform.

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