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Here’s what Alcohol does to your Skin


The answer to your skin’s problems might be staring you in the mouth.

What alcohol does to your skin

There’s a reason you’re so thirsty for water after a night of heavy drinking.

Booze dehydrates you – and this wreaks havoc on your skin, making it dry and more likely to wrinkle. That’s why heavy drinkers often seem older than they are. Alcohol damages the liver and steals Vitamin A, which leaves the skin looking dull and grey.

Clear shots
The clearer the liquid, the better. Vodka, gin, and tequila get out of your system quicker, say the experts. Nursing one or two clear shots all evening is fine, but be warned: People who drink shots might end up drinking more than intended.

Dark shots
In contrast to clear shots, these generally contain impurities that are used in the fermentation process and which may worsen your hangover.

Margaritas, white wine and other sweet drinks have a bad reputation. Sugar anywhere in the diet, along with other excessive carbohydrates, leads to systemic inflammation, which contributes to cell damage and increased skin aging. The less sugar you take in with your booze, the better for your long-term wrinkle risk.

Margaritas and other tequila-based drinks contain salt as well as sugar. Any salt intake, no matter the source, results in bloating. The effect is not lasting, but no one likes to look puffy on top of a hangover.

Other side-effects
Excess alcohol is not good for your skin, but it can make you do other dangerous things while you’re under the influence – like start smoking again or go to bed with make-up on. Both of these are severe enemies of beautiful skin.

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