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AKA’s Mom Explains Why She Considers Murdah Bongz And Asante Family

DJ Zinhle has posted videos of how her household looked like this morning and Lynn Forbes also paid her and Asante a visit. Glammy played and enjoyed some quality time with baby Asante and they looked very cute.

Glammy is becoming a huge part of the Jiyane family and she explained that it is because she wants to and has so much love for all of them. Them being DJ Zinhle, Bongani Mohosana, Asante and obviously her grandchild Kairo Forbes.

Many people could not understand why Glammy is so actively involved in Asante’s life because her relationship with Zinhle is made possible by Kairo Forbes.

But during her Conversations with Glammy series on IGTV, she explained for the umpteenth time, why she is so involved in their lives, saying it’s because she has the utmost respect for them.

She discussed a range of topics, and also touched on how she finds it extremely difficult to understand why people are amazed at how much she loves Kairo, saying “of course I love Kairo, she is my grand daughter.”

She then explains why she loves DJ Zinhle so much, “because I wouldn’t have Kairo if it wasn’t for Zinhle. Well, apart from the fact that Zinhle is an amazing human being. I have the utmost respect for Zinhle because she is the mother of my grand child. Zinhle and I are almost like friends, we care deeply about each other.”

She then explained why she loves Murdah Bongz, Zinhle’s soon-to-be fiancé. “Why do I love Bongani? Because he loves Zinhle,” she explained.

Glammy then goes on to say it is a chain and the way all of these people are connected, that make her love every one of them. “You can’t just love one person, you need to love all of them. To make a blended family work, you focus on the youngest children.”

In previous interviews, Glammy also spoke about this, “My relationship with Zinhle is never going to change and neither will my relationship with Kiernan. I love them both dearly and I support both. They’re amazing kids. My relationship with Zinhle is never going to change.”


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