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Prince Kaybee rubbishes AKA’s advice

Prince Kaybee and AKA

Depending on your perspective, you could call Prince Kaybee’s response to this tweet by AKA a correction or a clap back but regardless, AKA went silent.

Just like the old days, AKA went on a rant on Twitter this weekend but what we know for sure is that AKA was not expecting this response from Prince Kaybee.

Prince Kaybee and AKA

The DJ responded to a tweet from AKA that implied poor people couldn’t give good advice as they were not living the good life themselves. Uhm, what?

To which Prince Kaybee responded:

Maybe AKA was trying to be funny, but a lot of the tweeps were not quite understanding the ‘joke’. AKA’s fans believe that Prince Kaybee intentionally missed the point for attention. Once again, the streets are split, but after Kaybee said what he said, most of Twittersphere was in total agreeance.

Did we miss something? Perhaps, but to be honest- we liked AKA and Prince Kaybee when they were focused on their careers and not on the messiness of the internet.

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Source: Zalebs