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Actress Florence Masebe angry over Afro scandal

Florence Masebe

Actress Florence Masebe angry over Afro scandal. The actress was outraged by Hyde Park High’s decision to discipline one of its students for her kinky big afro. enCA reported that a grade 9 pupil had been called out to face detention due to her hairstyle which the teacher described as “distracting and attention-grabbing”.

South African actress Florence Masebe has called the department of basic education to change their hair policies.

This story has caused a lot of debate around South Africa as many feel that certain schools impose their Eurocentric ideals on black scholars. The Muvhungo actress shared in a tweet how this was not the first case of blackness being highlighted as problematic in schools through strict Codes of Conducts enforced by the governing bodies.

Florence Masebe

“Schools and their governing bodies get away with Codes of Conducts that problematize blackness”

In 2016 a similar situation arose at Pretoria Girls’ High School. This incident led to a protest which had 13-year-old (at the time) Zulaika Patel at the forefront after being tormented by teachers. The teen was later named as one of the most influential women in the world by BBC for her activism against hair discrimination in schools.

Florence continued to share her opinion on the issue which she described as unacceptable and called on the minister of basic education Angie Motshekga to make reformations.

“We clearly need a national hair policy. One that doesn’t treat black people hair as unacceptable. We can’t keep returning to the same argument every few weeks. Your schools are exhausting Mma Motshekga.”

Florence Masebe

Many on Twitter agreed with the star sharing in her frustrations.

Clearly, this is a problem which needs to be addressed and we are glad local celebrities are helping raise awareness.

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