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Activist Napoleon Webster loses court bid to be reinstated as councillor

The Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) has warned it will continue to act against “lazy” councillors after the Gauteng North High Court in Pretoria threw out a bid by Napoleon Webster to be reinstated as a councillor. Webster was removed as a councillor on 30 July and replaced by Madhla Simon Ntimba. This week his court bid to be reinstated as a councillor hit a snag when the matter was struck off the roll because it lacked urgency and jurisdiction. The high court in Pretoria said the matter should have been lodged at the North West High Court in Mahikeng.

Reacting to the ruling against activist Napoleon Webster, party leader Mbahare Kekana on Friday said the F4SD “won’t hesitate to act against any laziness within [the organisation]”. Kekana said the court ruling serves as a lesson to party deployees that they were not entitled to positions and salaries.

Webster had approached the court on an urgent basis. He wanted the court to reinstate him, first as a F4SD member, and also as a councillor in the Rustenburg Municipality. In his founding affidavit Webster said the matter was urgent because he would be prejudiced because his councillor pay would be stopped.

“The remuneration is my only means of income from which I use to take care of my wife and my two children. I will not be paid on 25 August 2019, because I have been removed from the municipality council,” complained Webster.
He further stated that if “the unlawful decision” by the F4SD to remove him as a councillor was not reversed, he would not be allowed to participate in the municipality council.

Napoleon Webster

Webster’s name has been deleted from the proportional representation (PR) list of the Electoral Commission of SA. Webster said leading to the May 8 general election, F4SD ordered that he must deliver at least 200,000 votes in his ward in Marikana near Rustenburg, North West.

“My view was that it was going to be impossible for me to deliver on that, as the Forum [F4SD] political identity was not fully developed, and more work was needed to sell the ideas of the Forum to the people of South Africa.I was expected to appoint, recruit and train party-agents for the purposes of national elections. However, this expectation was subject to the provision that the Forum will train me first.

“In that regard, the Forum advised that I was going to receive training so that I could be able to handle the demands of the party. I was amongst a group of new recruits, who were coming from the Democratic Alliance, the National Freedom Party and the EFF [Economic Freedom Fighters].

“I pause to mention here that, neither one of us received the training as promised by the Forum.” Webster replaced the late veteran politician Rocky Malebana Metsing who passed on in November 2016, at the time he was a well known EFF member in Marikana.

However, Kekana said the party had “expected a lot” from Webster after being deployed as a councillor in Rustenburg. Instead, Kekana said Webster was simply trying to evade his responsibilities by playing the victim card.

He said Webster and others failed to campaign for the F4SD during 2019 general election. The F4SD said it has expelled a number of councillors in several municipalities in North West and Metsimaholo in the Free State, saying they were lazy.

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Source: Timeslive