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More than 3 000 pupils yet to be placed in Western Cape as academic year kicks off

As Western Cape schools get back to teaching and learning for the new academic year, more than 3,000 pupils are still waiting to see if there’s any space for them.

Wednesday is the first day of a fresh school year with over one million pupils returning to class in the province.

Education MEC Debbie Schäfer said the department was ready for the new school year, even though thousands of learners are still in limbo.

“They have all received their stationery and we’re making additional spaces available in school because every year, we have an influx an increase in numbers. There’s been concerted efforts to make space and get mobile classes,” the MEC said.

Over 400 grade 1 pupils still need to be allocated a desk and more than 2,400 in grade 8 are still at home, waiting to hear where they’ll be placed.

“We’re working every day to reduce that number and make sure that they’re in school as soon as possible.”

Schäfer adds that over 500 teaching posts have been approved.


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