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Amanda Du-Pont backs Sithelo Shozi amid Andile Mpisane abuse claims

Mzansi DJ, Sithelo Shozi broke her silence on Instagram yesterday as she exposed her baby daddy Andile Mpisane for allegedly abusing her. Sithelo gained support from people on social media including celebs like Amanda DuPont and an organization known as Women For Change.

Miss Shozi made various allegations against her baby daddy and former lover Andile Mpisane, saying she is done being silent. “I am not one to speak about anything concerning my private life. More especially where my kids are involved. But everyone has a breaking point and this narrative has gone too far. I have been silent for far too long and hid my truth for the sake of my peace but today I will not be silenced.”

Sithelo did not only make these allegations but she also came with ‘proof’ revealing the various bruises on her body. She also shared a recording from a conversation they had where Andile reduces her to nothing, saying she will never be anything in life.

She received overpouring love and support from people including Amanda DuPont who said she is behind her.

“I’m behind you, mama! Enough is enough! This is happening way too much. You owe nobody silence. If you didn’t have this proof, the world would say you are lying. This is our sad reality,” she wrote.

Amanda duPont Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo alleged that she was also abused in full view of Andile’s family and friends, “Let’s start with when I was beaten into a pulp and had a miscarriage at the hands of my so-called “victim” in a room full of his family and friends. Rushed to the nearest hospital and treated like nothing ever happened,” she claimed.

“Or should I speak about the beatings I’d get every week or monthly followed by a bunch of flowers so I would never speak up,” she added.

Amanda too has been a victim of abuse allegedly by Jub Jub. In a lengthy video, she shared some of the many instances where the abuse took place and how she had to terminate her pregnancy.

“I was raped, physically and emotionally abused for two years by Jub Jub. The only thing I did wrong was to keep quiet. But that ends here I will not be publicly ridiculed by this criminal,” she wrote.

She even slammed MacG, “Him and Mac G saw it fit to drag my name on their podcast for clout at the cost of amplifying a Gender-Based Violence Case. Any Attorney that can help me with a cease and desist letter or help with dealing with this man legally, please reach out.”

“So that he can keep my name out his mouth. Not because I can’t afford it but because I want to make this a public fight. The fight is bigger than me. Dedicated to the woman who never make it out and end up dead,” she concluded.


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South African model, singer, and DJ, Sithelo Shozi has shared shocking images and clips relating to allegations that her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Andile Mpisane physically and verbally abused her.

Andile Mpisane and Sithelo Shozi

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