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Witchcraft, his family, leading the EFF… – Julius Malema opens up about everything on MacG’s Podcast and Chill – VIDEO

Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema is the recent and most interesting celebrity interview on South Africa’s number one charting podcast, Podcast, and Chill with MacG. The politician fresh from his jolly trip in Ibiza got candid with MacG and Sol Phenduka, and discussed cutting-edge South African issues such as load shedding, breaking his v1rginity, witchcraft, leading the EFF, his family life, and even dragged MacG for being homophobic in the past.

Malema started speaking about how his political career tenure started at a young age. He told MacG and the chillers that he was in Grade 8 when he realized his leadership qualities. The red beret party leader mentioned that he was appointed to a Student Representative Council. He then led his first strike, which lasted for about six months.

He further addressed everyone claiming that he is a fun and social leader and not fighting political outcries. Talking on his recent trip to Ibiza, Malema said South Africa has bigger problems to worry about. He highlighted that Mzansi’s infrastructures are crumbling and potholes are not being fixed.

Malema added that South African citizens should not be worried about what he is doing because he is not the president of the country. “But South Africans will be worried about a man who goes to Ibiza with his wife. I am not their president. They have elected their own government. South Africa, you have the president that you deserve,” said Malema.

Here are some of the top highlights from the interview currently available on Youtube:

About Investing In the Youth and Creativity

The young leader believes that it is the government’s job to give back to and support youth with potential in the country. He mentioned that the Podcast and Chill network deserves to be funded by the government, and further stated that he had intentions to fund MacG’s network but his political party advisors – especially the women advised him against that idea because MacG was alleged to be homophobic and transphobic in the past.

What does he think of Dlamini and his movement?

According to Malema, Dlamini, and Operation Dudula’s stance is rooted in self-hate.

“Black people are not loved all over the world. And for a black person to hate another black person who is hated all over the world, what is that?

“Criminals, let’s deal with them. I have no time for thugs. I do not tolerate thugs, but I am not going to beat up a person because he is dark and ugly in my eyes.”

Is corruption a ‘black people’s thing’?

Malema said people should do away with seeing corruption as a “black people’s thing”.

“You people speak about corruption as if it’s a black people’s thing. It’s white. When you say business is corrupting government you mean whites are corrupting black people because business is white and government is black. This government can’t be corrupt by itself. It needs someone to be corrupt with.”

Will he step down as leader of the EFF?

Malema said one day he will step down as leader and pass the position to the younger generation.

Why is he advocating for artists?

He said he chooses to help artists because SA would be a depressed nation without them.

“I like helping artists because they are underrated in SA. They are not given the special attention they deserve because without them, we would be a depressed nation.

“Their entertainment makes us who we are. They use their skills to comfort us and revive our inner being, and give us hope that not all is lost, even when they themselves are not doing well.”

How was his trip to Spain?

Malema described his trip to Ibiza, where he attended the wedding celebration of alleged cigarette smuggler Adriano Mazzotti’s daughter, as “chilled”.

“It was so chilled. I went there with my wife. We’d wake up, [have] breakfast and just chill.

“South Africans were worried about a man who goes to Ibiza with his wife when they’ve got so many problems. I’m not their president. They’ve elected their own government and got the government they deserve.”

What did social media users think of the interview?
If social media reactions are anything to go by, the interview was good, with some saying Malema made a lot of valid points.


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