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Steamy pics of Nadia Nakai causes chaos on social media

Steamy pictures of Nadia Nakai causes chaos on social media. Well, as promised, Nadia Naked II finally dropped and immediately trended at number 1 in the early hours of the morning. The album is certified banger and could be her best work so far, she features some of the best rappers in Mzansi.

As she dropped her album she also dropped some hot new pictures that have caused commotion on social media. Check the pictures below

Nakai Pic


All around, fans are already loving her album and calling her the best female rapper in Africa. She has received nothing but good reviews so far and it doesn’t look like any bad reviews will be heard.

Nakai NadiaThis makes it her second successful album in her music career, with countless different fans having their own favourite tracks.


Source – MbareTimes

In other news – SA passes new border law which might affect many Zimbabweans

SA passes new border law which might affect many Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe Cross-Border Traders Association (ZCBTA) secretary-general Augustine Tawanda told NewsDay Business that they have already made a proposal to the government on what can be done to reduce human traffic while goods continue to flow across the border.

Zimbabwean cross-border traders say they will find a way to continue their activities across the border with South Africa in spite of the enactment of a new law in the neighboring country that has the potential to restrict the free movement of people. He said…Learn more.

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