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Men caught drugging and making teenage girls have s.e.x with clients inside a 2-roomed shack

kasi lokshini township

The parents became worried when their daughters acted strangely and stayed away for a long time.

They investigated – and their worst fears were confirmed.

Their daughters were being pimped from a small two-roomed shack!

Captain Johannes Ramphora said the suspects were bust after parents complained they gave the girls drugs to sell for them and would thereafter drug them to sleep with men in the small shack. The suspects took the money.

One parent who can’t be named said her 17-year-old daughter dumped her child to sleep with men in the shack.

“She’d disappear for some days and later come back. They were giving them drugs and that’s why my daughter wasn’t listening to me,” said the devastated mum.

She said her daughter left her two-year-old child and it would be up to her to look after the child. “We want these men to be locked up for good. They destroyed our kids,” she said.

Another parent said her 15-year-old daughter wasn’t going to school.

“They gave them some money to make them come back, and that’s why these girls were always there,” she said.

Fuming residents said they saw young girls coming out of that shack, but we’re not aware of what was going on inside. “The young girls looked drugged. We want these men to be sentenced for a long time,” said a resident.

“They’re taking advantage of our children. Some girls are young and supposed to be in school, but these two men are using them for their selfish ends.”

Community leader Phineas Maile urged parents to report incidents such as these. “We must work together to root out the abuse of women and children,” said Maile. “People must report where they suspect the abuse.”

During the raid cops found drugs and ammunition and have confiscated it.

Captain Ramphora said the girls had been released to their parents.

The suspects appeared in court on Friday and will make their second appearance this week.

Powa spokeswoman Thandiwe Mccloy condemned the incident saying it was disturbing given the scourge of gender-based violence prevailing in our country.

“We also appeal to parents to please be vigilant of the company their girls keep. We wish the law could deal harshly with the suspects.”

For counseling the victims are urged to call Powai on 011 642 4345/6.

-daily sun

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